Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Card Pictures

Over the past couple of days we have been trying to get some fun pictures of Madison for our Christmas card. Since the year that we got married we have sent out a picture card, first one from our wedding and then a family picture of the 3 of us for the following years. This year Zach and I were not real excited to be in the picture and just were not feeling it. The couple of family shots that we have from the past few months have at least one of us (mostly Madison) looking away or doing something weird. We don't have a whole lot of all 3 of us because either Zach or I take the picture so we are not in it. It doesn't help that Madison pretty much hates getting her picture taken and our nice SLR camera broke about a month after we got it. I am so sad that it broke because when we had it I was taking pictures all the time and having fun learning all the things that I could do with it. We are trying to decide if we should fix the one we have, that we got used off of craigslist, or spend just a little bit more and get a new one. Either way it's just not in the budget to fix it right now.

 So we pretty much had to start from scratch for good pictures. We tried to make it fun for her and saying that we are playing dress up, which we are, but we just try to down play the part about taking her picture. We have gotten a few cute ones, a few funny ones, and a whole lot of the moving/looking away/jumping/etc. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Playing dress-up in her Snow White outfit

"Mom, this is what I think of all these pictures. No More!"
This one is my absolute favorite, it shows off her personality so well!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

A few days ago, right before nap time, Madison was running around the house being crazy and literally as I was telling her to slow down so that she didn't get hurt, she tripped and hit her head on the corner of the table. After lots of tears, an ice pack, some juice, and some snuggle time she was doing much better except for a few sniffles or little cries here and there. I put her on the couch with her blankies and a few books while I ran downstairs to start some laundry and when I got back upstairs, this is what I saw...

So I scooped her up, and we headed into my bedroom to take a nice afternoon nap together. So sweet!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

JC Penny & Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree

This year for Christmas Zach and I made the decision to "adopt" a child for Christmas. JC Penny and the Salvation Army make it so easy to find the child that is right for you, just visit and from there you enter in your personal preferences for the child you want to adopt. You can choose whether you want a boy or a girl, where they are from, and what age group they fall into. Then you get a list of the kids that match what you entered and you choose the child for you. Each child has a list of things that they need and things that they want. You have until the 14th (I think) of December to drop off items for your adopted child, so there is still plenty of time to jump in and help out if you feel moved to do so! There is also a bunch more information on the website if you have any questions.

It really put things in perspective to see what these children were putting that they wanted/needed. Virtually every need was an article of clothing and the wants were one or two small things, like books or a baby doll or a cd. Compare that to how many things end up on alot of kids Christmas list, always wanting the newest and best toys/electronics/etc. It was a great opportunity to take Madison with when we went shopping and explain to her that not all boys and girls have a toy box full of toys, a bookcase full of books, and a closet overflowing with clothes. I know that she doesn't completely "get" it yet, but she understands the basic idea of why we are doing this and we can build on that.

Our adopted child is a 6 month old little girl and all that her mommy put on the list is that she needs shirts and wants some childrens cds. It is possible that I went a little bit overboard and got all sorts of fun clothes and toys, but I'm not willing to admit to anything! It is just so fun to shop for a baby and think about all of the things that Madison loved at that age that this little girl might love too. I honestly think that I have gotten more out of this experience than the adopted family ever could. It truly is better to give than to receive.