Friday, December 11, 2009

A Fun New Project

A few nights ago I decided it was time to come up with something new to try. I am not a big fan of winter so we sort of become homebodies in the winter, well even more so then we already are. So after a few days of doing the same old thing Madison and I both needed to change things up a bit and decided to try cooking together. From the second I asked her if she wanted to cook she seemed thrilled with the idea. So I fashioned an apron of sorts for Madison and we tackled a box of Christmas funfetti cake together.

Once we had gotten all of the ingredients together in the bowl the real fun began! Madsion really enjoyed stirring everything together and would have done it all night if I would have let her. Once we added to sprinkles to the batter she kept saying "Look at that!" over and over and over.

Later on, once the cake had cooled off, we frosted it together and she was allowed to put the sprinkles on all by herself. For the rest of the evening she just couldn't even contain her excitement. She proudly told daddy, grandma, grandpa, and anyone else who would listen (including each one of her stuffed animal friends) that "Madison cook". The final product looked perfect and tasted delicious. Who knows we may have a future chef on our hands.

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