Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Madison's Birthday Recap

Once again I have failed in my attempts to be a better blogger. Shortly after our new (to us) camera stopped working, our computer decided that it was going on strike too and needed a new hard drive before it would work again. But it is now back in working order and better than ever. If only our camera was under warranty like the computer, I would be so happy. 

At the end of August, my baby turned three years old. I remember the night she was born like it was yesterday,what I remember most is looking at her just in awe of the fact that I had something to do with her being here. Driving home from the hospital I kept waiting for someone to tell me that there had been some mistake and I couldn't take her home with me. These past few years have been the best years of my life. I love my new role as a wife and mommy, and feel so blessed to have the family that I do.

The night of her birthday, Zach and I took her to Chuck E Cheese and she had a blast! She loved throwing the balls for ski-ball, the only problem was that they were never thrown hard enough to make in up the whole ramp and the ball occasionally wound up on the next persons ramp. They also had a little merry go round that she rode on about 100 times. We had a small cake for her and she loved blowing out the candles after we sang Happy Birthday to her.

She also had 2 birthday parties this year. The weekend after her birthday we had one with my side of the family at our house. Nothing really special; we just grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, let the kids go out back to jump in the bouncy house while the adults chatted, ate some cake, and opened her gifts. I think she was most excited about having everyone sing to her, and seeing baby Gavin. She really in completely in love with him. The next weekend Zach's parents planned a birthday get together with some of his family at an awesome park that I have fallen in love with (highland park). Zach's sister, aunt, uncle, and a few cousins were in town from Colorado and that made it even better. Zach's cousin Corie and her husband had her baby, who we have never met, with her so it was really fun. Zach, Annie and I took Madison on her first paddle boat ride and she thought that was the coolest thing. It is always so fun to see her experience things for the first time.

Even though Madison could have started preschool this fall, we made the decision to hold off on that until next year. We have been working on numbers and letters for a while now, but I am going to start having some scheduled "school time" with her a few days a week to work on them. We are also going to give Your Baby Can Read a try. My gramma has called every time she sees the infomercial for it and is convinced that we should give it a try so I finally caved and said I would give it a try, I think it will be fun to have that school time together and it will help her be more prepared for when she does start school.


  1. Happy birthday to your little Madison! She is beautiful!

  2. Hi Elizabeth - You've got a lovely blog here. I enjoyed reading a couple of your posts and look forward to the new ones. Following you from India.

  3. Hello Elisabeth, greeting from Indonesia!^^
    I enjoy reading your latest post here , you must be enjoy being a mother of a beautiful daughter. Its a sweet blog. I like!^^