Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sesame Street Live Round 2

Tonight, for the second year in a row, we had the chance to take Madison to see Sesame Street Live. Her grandparents got us the tickets as a Christmas gift. She had so much fun (except for when we had to walk from the parking ramp to the Target Center) and had been looking forward to it ever since we told her that we were going to go again. We had great seats that were 3 rows up from being on the floor. After intermission we decided, since no one was sitting in any of the seats in front of us, to sneak up a few rows so that we were in the first row of seats that weren't on the floor. Madison loved being able to shake her groove thing on the floor with a few other kids, it was sooo cute! Close to the end we even went up the aisle really close to the stage to see if she could hug or high-5 one of the characters, but by the time we did that none of them came into the aisle again.

She got to bring her Abby Cadabby doll, her Elmo light up spinner thing that she got last year when we went, and wore her Abby shirt. We got a bucket of mini doughnuts and a blue raspberry snow cone that turned her lips, mouth, and teeth blue pretty much the second she took her first bite! During intermission they bring out tons of big balloons in the shape of Elmo's head which, despite telling her before hand that we weren't going to get one, she told us she NEEDED! Last year we told her that she could have one, and when Zach came back with it I could not believe that it cost $10 for it. Fortunately she was pretty easily distracted during the remainder of intermission until they took the balloons away. She was able to get a bunch of streamers that were shot out at the end of the show.

It was such a fun night and we are definitely planning to go again next year. It is so fun her see her reactions to seeing her friends that she sees on TV.

Her blue mouth from the snow cone!

Abby and Elmo are her favorite.
Dancing to the music. 
After the show, getting ready to face the freezing temps.

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  1. Adorable! My daughter is obsessed with the Wiggles, and I hope I have the opportunity to take her to a Wiggles show sometime!

    I also met the love of my life in high school!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today!