Saturday, April 2, 2011

Five Question Friday-April Fools Edition

Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning and LINK UP! Remember, the most important rule of all is to HAVE FUN!
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1. Have you ever had surgery?
  • Hahaha...this one makes me laugh! I have had surgery more times than I can count. I have had my tonsills/adenoids/appendix/right ovary and tube/gall bladder all removed, have had surgery on my right wrist twice, needed to have ovarian cysts removed 4-5 times, I've had 3 surgeries on my pancreatic and common bile ducts to try and treat Sphincter of Oddi, and had a C-section when Madison was born. Those are the major ones that I can think of.
2. Ever ride in an ambulance?
  • I have had a couple ambulance rides. The first time was when I was 7/8 I fell backwards down our stairs so I went to the hospital in an ambulance to make sure I hadn't broken anything in my back. At another point I was having issues passing out and my mom decided that I had passed out too many times in a row so she called an ambulance. The last time that I can think of was right after I had my ovary and tube removed once I was released from the hospital. Zach and I were watching TV and I told him I wasn't feeling right so I decided to call my mom, all I got out to her was "Mom, something's wrong" before I pretty much passed out. I was white as a ghost, and unresponsive. Once I got to the hospital they figured out that I had severe internal bleeding from the surgery. I had to spend about a week more in the hospital and have a few transfusions, but was finally able to get out of the hospital about a week before our wedding. 
3. How are you in a medical emergency? Panicked? Calm?
  • I am very very calm. I don't freak out and just think about who needs to be called, or what needs to be done, etc. One possible exception to this could be if something major happened to Madison. She has been sick, even hospitalized as an infant, and had her share of boo-boos, but we've never been in a situation where she is extremely sick or severely injured.

4. Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies?
  • This past summer we had vegetables that we grew in lots of pots because we have lots and lots of wild bunnies that are known to eat everything in a traditional garden. Last year we grew green/red peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, and strawberries, but would like to do even more this year.
5. When did you move out of your parents house?
  • Well technically I still live with my parents right now. We had been living in our own place, but when we found out I was pregnant we made the choice to have my parents and Zach and I move out of our apartments into a rental house. We have the top level and they have the lower level; we each have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room area, and share the kitchen, dining room, laundry room. In the next month or two we will be moving into our own places again, but still very close. Zach, Madison, and I are moving into my gramma's townhouse/condo and my parents bought one that is in the next building over from ours. When Madison wants to go over to visit, we can walk to the front door and one of my parents can be waiting at their door to meet her. It gives us the convenience of being close, but still gives us our own space.





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