Friday, January 22, 2010

Sesame Street and Surgery

Last Friday the 3 of us went to see Sesame Street Live and had a blast! We had incredible seats thanks to a great Christmas present from my Mother and Father in law. The second the show started Madison screamed abby, ABBY, ABBY! She loved seeing all of her favorite characters dancing around, especially when they actually came off of the stage and danced in the aisles. She was so upset when intermission came that we were willing to do almost anything to calm her down so I asked Zach to go get one of the Elmo balloons that they were selling up by the stage. I almost fell off my chair when he told me it was $10.00. Ten freaking dollars for a balloon are you kidding me?!? But I guess it was worth it to see her beautiful smile. Well I learned from intermission and when I could tell the show was almost over I started to tell her that it was almost time for Abby and Elmo to take their naps. Crisis averted...whew.

Monday Madison had speech therapy and her amazing speech therapist can't believe the progress she has made in the past weeks. She is still going the come out a few times more just to make sure, but says that Madison is completely caught up to where she should be. I knew she was doing so much better but never imagined she would catch up so quickly.

Thursday she had an appointment to get another set of tubes put in her ears and to have her adenoids removed. I was more nervous than I would like to admit. Mommy and Daddy both got to go back to the OR with her while they put her to sleep which made it much easier on all of us. She did great and we were back with her before too long. While we were in the short stay unit I just crawled up in the bed and had her lay on me. After some juice and a popsicle and a dose of the medicine that she would be going home with we were told to pack our stuff and head on home. After a nice family nap we had a quiet night watching movies and eating popsicles. Other than being a little clumsy from the Tylenol with codeine she is back to her normal, sweet self.

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