Saturday, July 17, 2010

Long Overdue Post and Some Cute Pictures

Over the past 2 months I have started to write a new post quite a few times, but haven't finished them for one reason or another. A couple I wanted to add a few pictures to and our camera isn't working right now, a couple more I just had to stop to do something else and never finished them, and the last couple I decided were not interesting enough to post. But a few people  have mentioned that they miss the updates, so here I am again. Hopefully I will finally be able to keep up with some regular posts, if there is anything anyone would like me to blog about feel free to ask. I have trouble coming up with ideas that I think anyone wants to hear me talk about. At the end of this post I will put in some pictures that we had taken today since it has been well over a year since we have had professional pictures taken.

So here is a recap of some of the things that we have been up to in the past 2 months (in no particular order)
  • We have spent countless hours out in the backyard playing on the play set or in the pool.
  • We have worked on ABC's and 123's and she can count to 15 and recognize those numbers if she sees them, sing her ABC's and recognize some letters.
  • We have sang at church and Madison "helps"  and sings with her own microphone
  • We have watched lots of Twins games and Zach got to go to a game with a friend (I'm only slightly jealous).
  • We have had lots of time to just relax with my family and Zach's parents. Zach's sister Annie came in to town over Memorial day weekend and we had lots of fun together. We went to the horse races at Canterbury Downs, ate at Lions Tap, and had a picnic/birthday party for Zach at an awesome park.
  • We have tackled potty training and, with the exception of nights, seem to have mastered that.
  • Saw some friends from out of town who have their own Mady who is only a few months older than Madison, and had a fun night watching them play together.
  • Madison's speech has improved so much. She is officially out of speech therapy and is able to tell us what she wants/needs and I only have to translate to other people once in a while.
  • Me, my mom, my gramma, and Madison went up to Grand Casino Hinckley and stayed at the Inn (a much smaller hotel) for a couple days and had lots of fun in the pool.
  • Have watched hundreds of episodes of Mickey Mouse (she usually wants the same episode EVERY. SINGLE. DAY)
  • Between Madison and I, we have spent way to many hours at doctor appointments, urgent care clinics, and ER's (with some short stays as an inpatient as well).
  • Have enjoyed lots and lots of hugs, kisses, smiles, giggles, and snuggles with Madison. It's possible that a couple of those hugs or kisses may have been shared with my husband, but I can't be sure :)

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