Monday, August 2, 2010

Can't A Girl Get Some Sleep?!?

For some unknown reason, I have been having the hardest time falling asleep lately. Each night I take enough medicine to knock out a horse, and normally it turns me into a walking zombie around 11ish like clockwork. But lately, I find myself wide awake at 4:00am and unable to sleep if my life depended on it. I have had time to do some reading, watch lots of mindless TV, catch up on some cleaning, and steal a few minutes to just watch my baby girl sleep.

At first it was kind of fun to have some "me" time to do all of the things I just don't seem to have enough hours to accomplish, but that novelty is wearing off. I feel like I have a newborn in the house again, and I just need a normal night of sleep. Before I get to busy complaining, I should say that I am so lucky that Zach has a flexible schedule and has been able to let me sleep in some once I finally am able to fall asleep (around 6am or so). Because of his schedule we keep a pretty relaxed schedule at home. There are lots of nights where Madison stays up until daddy gets home from work at 10ish so that she can say good night to him because she is able to sleep in the next day. It works well for us because we get a few minutes of family time before she goes to sleep and because when she sleeps in the next morning, it means that we can too! So even though things could be much worse on the sleep front, I am getting tired of the late night infomercials. Eventually things have to get back to normal right?

Man that looks so nice right now!


  1. I have been having trouble sleeping too. i have considered taking something but never seem to remember. I am up way to late and then get up in the night.

  2. awwwwww..what a cute picture. I remember the days when I was like that. Holding my little ones. It doesn't change when they are older though...LOL. I have 4 teenagers. Two entering College and Two in High School and I am always up late waiting for them to get home because I can't sleep until they are all home safe. Kids are great though. I sometimes take advil before I got to bed because it will relax me. Maybe try that. :-)