Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I Love My Daughter

These past few days I have been filled with a feeling of gratitude. I read a list of blogs frequently and most of them are about children who are facing heart problems, cancer, or some other life altering disease. A friend of mine told me about one of the blogs and from there I have seen other ones mentioned and went to check them out and the cycle repeated. As I read them I am overcome with gratitiude that I have a healthy, wonderful little girl.

Madison is quickly changing from a baby into a little girl and is soooo much like her mommy that it's crazy. If you look at pictures of me at her age next to the ones of her you would think they are both of the same girl. She is such a sweet, smart, beautiful little girl. I love that she loves to read or have books read to her, just like I did/do. I love how much of  princess she is. She loves to wear necklaces and bracelets, whenever she sees me putting on make-up she needs mommy to (pretend) put some on her, and if I put any body spray on she needs a spray on too. She also won't leave the house without her purse filled with a few toys of the day. I love how she loves to cook anytime we let her. I love how adorable she is when she is sleeping or has just woken up. I love when she brings over her favorite yellow blankie to me and says "hold me mommy" and crawls up in my lap to snuggle. I love her giggle as I tickle her tummy or the smile she gives you when she knows she's been caught being naughty. The bottom line is that I love my little girl with all my heart .


  1. I love the baby picture! I was thinking the same thing about the blogs I read and the struggles some parents are facing. There is so much to be thankful for and so many to pray for.

  2. My daughter is now a teenager (seems like yesterday she was a little girl) and we're still close. I am so grateful that I have the young woman I have and that I'm still her mommy.

    That's the thing about being a mommy. Isn't it the greatest??? At all ages? We have the best job in the world!

  3. Being a mom and loving a child is the absolute best feeling on earth!