Monday, March 1, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out...

These days around our house you will frequently see the Annie on our TV or hear a little voice singing Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, It's only a day AWAY (this word is bold because her voice gets much louder for the last word of the song!) She knows almost the whole song at this point and picks up a little more each time we watch it. I am constantly amazed by how quickly she picks these things up. In the car she sings part of songs on the radio or songs from our Rent and Glee soundtracks. When I sing at church she always wants to take the microphone from me so that she can sing too! At night before she falls asleep we will hear her singing to herself and it is the cutest thing (but I might be a little biased!). My favorite to hear is when she will make up her own songs by picking a framiliar tune but will replace all of the words with daddy or mommy

We have had way more TV/movie time recently because Madison has bronchitis, Zach has a cold, and I am still getting over mono so we've been taking it easy and enjoying lots of snuggles. We have also read every book in the house about a million times! I am in the process of doing some major spring cleaning, with all of us being sick I feel like there are just germs everywhere in the house. So I have been cleaning like crazy and have used a ton of the clorox wipes on everything I can. With the nice weather we have opened the windows a little bit to let some fresh air in so it feels less like the sick house.

I'm still a little more tired then usual and Madison's cough still sounds horrible, but we are all starting to feel better and should be feeling like ourselves in no time. So for now I will leave you with a picture of Madison watching Annie.

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